Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disney or Bust!

I'll be out of Commish for awhile! We leave for Disney for 10 days in just a few short hours!! The kids are beyond psyched (Though I got them to sleep at 5:30 pm for the early wake up call with no issues) and hubby and I are too excited to sleep!!

At any rate- that's where I'll be- I hope you all have a very very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Then and Now.

Yesterday, my baby turned FIVE YEARS OLD! I truly cannot believe it.. Where did the five years go? My tiniest baby.. Now my biggest girl! I remember her birth like it was yesterday. I remember touching her head for the first time and it felt so warm. I remember looking at her and thinking how beautiful she was! She made me a mother. My special girl. She is so smart, funny, and loving. She's a natural leader and likes to take charge of most any situation. God bless her.

We celebrated her all weekend and she enjoyed it. I am bittersweet at birthdays. I love watching my children grow.. I am so blessed to be able to do so.. But I get twinges of sadness that they will not be babies forever.. That I won't be able to protect them from this great big world forever. And each milestone... each birthday, is a reminder that they are growing closer and closer to independence. *sighs*

I must not think too far ahead...
For now...

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY NADIA HUSAM! My beautiful beautiful baby girl. I love you more than you will ever imagine. My heart bursts with love for you!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My parents always told me...

If you want to keep your friends, Don't discuss politics or Religion with them. So as a general rule, I don't. But guess what everyone! Today- I'm going there!! This post shouldn't offend anyone. It's certainly not meant too.. It's just my beliefs.. I don't care what anyone else believes. Weather you be Christian, Muslim, Jew, or anything else on the spectrum of beliefs. If you are happy and not hurting anyone, Then you do you! I'm okay with that. I love you! I accept you! I appreciate you! You don't have to agree with me, or share my beliefs to be my friend. If your a good person and treat others with kindness- I think the world of you.

SO! Here we go!

I grew up in the Episcopal church. That's where I was baptized, that's where I did Sunday school (Every Sunday, oh yea!) etc. etc. You get the idea. My parents weren't extreme in Religion.. But they wanted us to have a backround in God and believe in Him. I do so appreciate that as I Feel we all do need to start somewhere with our relationship with God.

When I met my husband, who is Muslim, I explored that religion (Which, when practiced in it's true form is truly a beautiful lovely religion of peace) I have many dear friends in addition to my husband who are Muslims, and are all wonderful, loving people!

My problem with all major Religions was the dogma. The hellfire and dammnation for every small thing you may do! It was overwhelming, and scary (esp as a small child) And even now, I just have a hard time with that. Don't all holy books, all prophets, Jesus, etc. Speak of a LOVING, FORGIVING, MERCIFUL God??? Then how could this be the same God who is ready to damm you to hell for the smallest of infractions ... (We are after all human, I know I am no where near perfect and would never claim to be)

I started researching Gnostic beliefs and studying all religions in general. And I take from them my truths. That God IS there. That he is all loving, all knowing, merciful. That He can forgive where we can't imagine forgiveness, because we are human. And how could we ever? That we are his creations, and He loves us.

I'm not saying there isn't a place for the truly horrible people among us, but I do believe that even bad actions , bad things, have a purpose in this life, that maybe we just don't fully understand yet. I certainly don't have all of the answers. The fact of the matter is- None of us do. But I'm always searching for truth. And I just don't believe that a person is going to hell because they picked the wrong Religion to be a part of - No matter what that may be. Who are we to judge someone's choice? Who are we to tell someone they way they love God is wrong???

It's just mainstream Religions.. I don't know. I've seen people from every major religion kill in the name of God.. How can that be??? EVERY major Religion has done this. EVERY one. What gives any human the right to murder another, And in the name of our GOD no less. The One who created us, and loves us unconditionally. No matter what anyone says. I disagree there. We are all equal in God's eyes in my opinion. No one should take another's life.. The dogma of religion (The major ones anyways) is waht stops me from completely defining myself.

Do I celebrate Christmas, and Easter, and the like? Yes. You bet I do. That's what my traditions were growing up, and they are some of my happiest memories. I will always celebrate those wonderful days with my family. And my husband, who is Muslim, I also celebrate his holidays. Why wouldn't I? They are important to him, and therefore important to me. And I think any holiday that celebrates God and all his glory is truly wonderful.

So do not judge me for my beliefs. I won't judge you for yours. If we all have this attitude maybe we'd all get along a lot better in this world. And.. If you still really want to judge me.. that's okay. I know where I stand with God. I know He loves me. And I know He loves you too!!!

And if you don't believe in God, I love you anyways. That is your right and I don't judge anyone. Because like I said at the start- If your beliefs are not hurting anyone.. Then WHO CARES?! Certainly. Not. I!

Anonymous Comments.

I find them to be kind of lame (no offense) stand behind what you have to say! Or don't say it at all!!

And FTR I've disabled anonymous comments- If you have something to say- You'll have to man up and put a face to your words :-) Have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's that time of year!

The holidays are quickly approaching! For us it starts with Halloween... THen Husam's birthday on November 6th, Nadia's on the 14th, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas of course, New Years! And we end off with Meerkat's first birthday on January 15th!!!! Wow!

And this year we're going to Disney on Thanksgiving so our plate will be even more full.. *sigh*

I have a lot on my mind lately. Which makes it hard to blog.. Because I'm going in so many different directions.. Did you ever have SO MUCH to say... That you turn out having nothing to say?? That doesn't make sense. But that's what it is for me. It's too much going on. I can't clear my head enough to get out any good thoughts.

This is random and all over the place. But that's how I feel lately. So. You know.

One thing I will say is I'm looking forward to our Disney trip. Like you wouldn't believe. I can't wait to see the looks on my kids face when they see it all for the first time. I can't wait to feel their excitement.. It's like my first time going all over again!!! Two weeks from Thursday we leave! I can't believe it!!

Well.. ANyways.. Hopefully things in my life become more calm so I can string together something coherent and worth reading.

Take care!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching up with Nadia..

Mommy : So, now that your five, What's new?

Nadia: I'm not five now.. I'm not five Mommy!

Mommy: Well you almost are! So what's new?

Nadia: I'm almost five...

Mommy: Okay.. What's your favorite color?

Nadia: Pink and Purple and Red and Green

Mommy: What is my job?

Nadia: to take care of us

Mommy: What's Daddy's job?

Nadia: To go to work

Mommy: What's Sami's job?

Nadia: Going to bed

Mommy: What's Samirah's job?

Nadia: Pooping her pants.

Mommy: What's your job?

Nadia: Not doing bad things so sami doesn't copy me.

Mommy: What's the best thing about your family?

Nadia: Umm.. Loving them is important and being nice to them.

Mommy: What are you looking forward to doing?

Nadia : Well, I really like doing crafts and playing with my friends..

Mommy: Do you like school?

Nadia: Well . yea.

Mommy: What's the best part about school?

Nadia: Playing outside..

Mommy: what's your favorite thing to learn at school?

Nadia: I really really like to do art.

Mommy: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Nadia: A pony

Mommy: What do you think Sami will be when he grows up

Nadia: A dinosaur?? And Samirah is going to be a luv bug when she grows up!

Mommy: Do Mommy and Daddy love eachother?

Nadia: Yes.

Mommy: How do you know?

Nadia: Because you married him...

lol so thats' what's going on with the Ya!

Happy Halloween!

We had a very successful Halloween! If you ask the children it was a success because they got tons and tons of candy.. If you ask me or Husam, it was a success because we survived, there were no tantrums, and the kids were in bed by 7 no worse for wear!

As you can see from the pictures, Nadia was a my little pony, Sami was a dinosaur, and Samirah was a luv bug !! I had a bad day on Saturday , but seeing them all dolled up in their costumes brought a HUGE smile to my face! I was able to sit back and feel blessed for all I have.

Other than being cold here in NJ, it was a really nice day. The kids didn't even consume too much sugar ((shockingly)) Sami was too excited to actually get the treats he wasn't worried about eating them! "More Treats!" he would yell.. the only problem? I can't get him to take his costume off and he now thinks he will get treats every time we leave the house.. yea... we'll work on that! ha!

Other than that we're just preparing for Nadia's FIFTH birthday! (I know I can't believe it either!!!!) and DISNEY!!!!

THe kids are all running rampid so I have to go! Hopefully Ill make a better blog soon !