Sunday, January 31, 2010


I'm blogging from my blackberry today. I have a house full of sickies! It started out with Sami, then spread to Nadia, then me. And Samirah has a VERY slight case (Thank God- because had she gotten a fever like the others she'd be in the hospital for 3 days her dr informed me. Being that she is only 2 weeks old) .. Ugh.

Seeing my kids sick is torture. I always get in a very bad mood when they are sick. I become very irritated and short with almost everyone around me and just go into protective mama bear mode. I did such a great job preventing sickness during my pregnancy- then this slips right by.. I'm thankful for breastfeeding- I attribute that to why Samirah's symptoms are barely noticeable and even Sami's fever never got as high as my poor sweet Nadia. I have felt worse for her. Since she is no longer a nursling my milk cannot offer her any protection as it does my other two.. But thank God Sami and Nadia's fevers seem to have broken this morning!
Samirah is in bed next to me and just woke up to nurse! I feel bad hearing her sniffle trying to breathe. My poor littlest.. I never dealt with any type os sickness in the other two until they were over a year.. I attributed that to breastfeeding keeping them healthy- but the more kids you add to your home the more germs.. I hate germs. I have a bad germ phobia and I clean and disinfect constantly to avoid this type of situation.. But I guess you can't dodge them all.. Even though its especially frustrating to me because I try so hard.. *sighs* I can't wait for the sickness to be completely over. So far Husam hasn't caught it. I really hope he doesn't although the kids have been coughing in his face all weekend. And he sleeps with me Samirah and Nadia who all aren't feeling well... So I don't know.
Sami sleeps in his own room. He's never been as big a fan of cosleeping as my girls are.. But that's okay. As long as he's happy! LoL.
Well that's all I'm dealing with here! Hopefully my next post is happier and healthier!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New to Blog land... Kind of...

I have been blogging on xanga for almost 6 years now.. But I feel I have kind of outgrown that blog.. I started it right after I was married and we were just starting our life together! We now have 3 kiddos, and I'd like a blog devoted to the joys (And trials) of raising my precious gifts from God!

We have 3 kids. Nadia, Sami, and Samirah.

Nadia is 4. She is a lively little woman with a mind all her own and she's not afraid to let me *(or anyone else)* know it! She is in preschool and she loves it! She's very bright (Sometimes a little TOO bright) and s
he loves taking ballet and doing crafts.

Sami turns 2 this coming April. He's my little manly guy. He's a ve
ry calm kid and very attached to me. I still nurse him.. I am currently breastfeeding him AND his younger sister! So I'll have plenty of humerous stories having to do with tandem nursing. Sami loves playing with trucks and cars.. Anything with wheels really. He is all boy!! He rarely cries or complains. He's such a good good boy.

Samirah is the newest addition to our family. 2 weeks new today! S
he joined us via a water birth which was absoloutely beautiful and peaceful.. After two "land births" giving birth in the water was an amazing experience for me. And God willing I ever have more children- They will also be brought into the world that way. Samirah is a nice calm baby. She nurses well and is very cuddly. She loves to be held (by me.. Not so much by daddy) and loves kisses and hugs. She tolerates her older siblings well. Who.. mean well... but... can be... rough.. lol

Husam.. My dearest husband.. Going on 9 years together... He's the loves of my life. My very best and dearest friend and I can't imagine living a day on this earth without him. He has his faults sure.. But so do I. lol. We can irritate the heck out of eachother but at the end of the day, we both know it was meant to
be. I can tell him anything. And vice versa. You'll hear plenty about him here too!!

Me? Gosh I never like talking about myself because I tend to identify myself with being a mother and wife. I enjoy taking care of my kids and my husband and I define myself by being good at that. I don't work outside of the home, but do wish to one day, become a lactation consultant as breastfeeding and seeing others be succsessful at breastfeeding is my passion. One day.. When I'm not so needed around here ;-)

Well. I look forward to getting to know others out there in blog world!!! I hope to update fairly often!