Monday, December 3, 2012

Look at me go!!

posting away!!! Having this tablet makes it easier  for me to post since Idon't have to be sitting at the computer to do so... I never get to sit at the computer anymore... Sitting here with Samirah and Maya in Samirah's big and fabulos new room of her own! She has the second biggest bedroom in the house (After my master suite of course) It fits her larger than life personality I say... She's rubbing my ear between her finger and thumb...

Today was endless... Completely endless... Nadia broke my tablet , had to return it and long story short went to five different stores with two of the four kids in tow to get a new one, all in the three hours before ihad to go pick Sami up at the school.. Then a trip to the dry cleaners wtih the three, and another with the four after Igot Nadia off the bus and realized Idropped off the wrong pair of Husam's pants. Nice Right??? Then all four off to karate for Sam.  And Ihad to feed all those people in between all that crap! Ugh. Endless for sure.

Husam's still not home so I'm on bedtime duty all by myself. With him working all this insane over time Iam in essence a single mom... Not financially. But in every single other aspect of life. He's gone when they wake up and home after they are asleep. 7 ... days... a ... week...  I'm not complaining exactly, the money is great, but Imiss him. The kids miss him... Ican't wait for the Disney trip we are planning in March.... I need it, we all do.

So I'm off! Ihave little teeth to brush, stories to read, babies to nurse and beds to tuck ;-) Good night!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy Busy Bee...

So I haven't posted since May?! Really?! I was just catching up reading some of your blogs and thought... When was the last time Iposted on mine?? Apparently, forever ago... Summer was very busy.i had joined the spa and was at the pools there with all four kids nearly everyday. They loved it! And Nadia learned to swim all on her own! She just celebrated birthday 7!!Wow oh wow. Times goes much too quickly... Sami started prek.. and he took to it right away..he loves it and has learned SOmuch!! Ms Samirah is a firecracker. Seriously, the funniest kid Iknow. Her new thing is , after doing something naughty, she begins crying and says "I want to be a good girl mommy!"ok... So BE a good girl!!!I'm not stopping you!!! Maya is 11 months old now and just such a sweetie doll... My last little baby! We are getting ready for her first Christmas and then first birthday shortly after!!! The past year has gone so fast. But we have had a ton of fun. Husam works about a million hours and 7 days a week.. So I have my hands full with all four kids on my own all day everyday... We are planning a Disney trip again this year... Probably for March. We need some family time. My MOm will meet us down there too and my sister. More hands to help out with all the kids!!! Maybe Husam and Ican even get dinner together one night!!! 

I'm sitting here watching the Grinch with Samirah. The other kids are all asleep... She is rubbing my arm with her fingers (It's her thing)... She is such a cute girl. Husam is over there sleeping on the couch! i'm posting from my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!!!Husam got it for me as a gift.. Probably an "I'm sorry  Ihave had to work so much"gift.... He even got a little keyboard to go with it so Ican type normall yon it!It is a little wonky (You see some mistakes in the post... mostly the space bar!) But it's better than trying to do any in depth typing from the touch screen.. So that's it.. Life is busy as ever... Computer time is limited. Life is good... Kids are well... Iiam well... Ihope you are all well too... Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I hate change...

And blogger has totally changed it's layout! Ugh! Unfavorable! It will take forever to figure this out!! I will be back soon with a post about vacation. But for tonight I'm too tired to try to figure out this new look!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life goes fast!

Too fast... Do you ever just want to stand up and scream STOP !!! Everything STOP! Everyone STOP!!! And just take it in? I feel like I haven't done enough of that lately! There aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week. But. You know how it goes...

We celebrated Sami's 4th birthday this weekend!! Can't believe my little man is four already. (See what I mean about time flying!?)
He was quite excited for this Spiderman cake...

His auntie bought him a spiderman SKATEBOARD! And can we say "EXCITED"?! (I'm thankful she also got him all the safety gear to go with it! Because... lets' face it.. Sami is not a world class skateboarder!) safety first!
I'm also thankful this is how he's starting out. Won't have to worry too much about injuries this way!! ha!

Today was a gorgeous day which the kids spent outside , running, jumping, playing, screaming. Great fun.

I even took some artsy fartsy pictures of Maya!
Don't you just want to eat her up?!!? I do ! I do !

This is just what I mean about time going too fast! I can remember when ALL the kids were this small. And it's fleeting. TOO fleeting. It makes me all emotional and sentimental. Husam can't stand it. He caught me looking at newborn photos this morning and loudly complained! Jesus hun! Look at you!!! I'ts like porn for you! Looking at all those babies!!!! "Aww they are so cute!" I know what's going through your head! Stop looking at them! Next thing I know you'll be pregnant again!"

But I digress... No more babies !!!! I swear!!!! My hands (And my heart) are quite full with four. But I will forever love the baby stage. The first year of their lives is by far my favorite. I'm a caretaker ... It's my nature. I love to be so needed. Perhaps something is wrong with me! ha!

Anyways. I've spent most of the week packing for our DISNEY TRIP! Kids are SO excited to head back (And to see Grandma who will be meeting us there! yay!) But seriously...

Packing for six people...... sucks.... ass.... There is SO much to remember. And need I go into the mountain of laundry I'm going to have to do upon return! UGH! I don't even want to THINK about it!!!! However the smiles the kids will have while we are there are all worth it. It's our very favorite vacation spot!

But the packing. yuck.

I've finished *I think* all four of the kids.. And have only scratched the surface on Husam and I...

Oh. And other big news on the Shahin front? We have decided since it's going to be damm near impossible to sell our house to even pay off what we owe being as we bought at a horrible time, we're going to rent it and buy a new house. A house we love! A house we can fit into ! ! ! When we bought this house we had Nadia. That's it. Just Nadia... (Some of you who've been reading since I was on xanga may remember...)

Anyways. We've outgrown it... It's not awful, we do have 3 bedrooms, but with the four kids we need at LEAST four... So here's to upgrading! We plan on going full steam ahead with this undertaking after we get back from Disney!

I'm actually terrified of the process, I remember buying this house was more stressful than getting married and having kids all rolled into one! And moving!? Let's not even GO there! AHHHH!

Hopefully it will be worth it... Nothing worth it is ever easy right?

That's all that's going on here... I'm not sure if I will be able to blog before I leave for our trip (We are leaving really early am on Friday) So if not, You will hear back from me after our return!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Blown away..

I just finished reading "Bloom" by Kelle Hampton ( And I'm just blown away... I think every mother should read this book. Scratch that! EVERYONE should read this book.

I laughed, cried, and saw a beautiful perspective on accepting things in life...

I'm not nearly as eloquent as the author- so really! Go buy this book! Read it! Be blown away too :-)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter :-) Ours went great.. We dyed some eggs, complete with Samirah eating the dye. Fun! Filled those basket up with (Mostly non-candy) goodies! (Yea, I'm no fun like that!) And had an awesome egg hunt which ended in Sami crying because Nadia found the golden egg, and Nadia crying because Sami found the MOST eggs *Sigh* I can't win! *Shakes fist in the air*

It was great though. Those little moments are the ones I LIVE for as a mother! Makes it totally worth it! I even got a FANTASTIC picture of ALL FOUR OF MY KIDS! At once! In the SAME picture!!!! (I know you don't believe it right!?!?!?) Well here is the photographic PROOF!

See!!! I told you!!! Fantastic right?!
Don't get TOO jealous. The 99 pictures I took before this one looked something like this...
Ha! The latter pictures are probably a more accurate representation of daily life around here (Hey I totally feel like crying sometimes too! I actually DID resort to tears to get them to sit for the one nice picture!) But I'd prefer to remember the moments in picture number one.. Those beautiful perfect moments :-) Yup. That picture is going into a frame baby!

So. How was YOUR holiday!?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting in shape!

My new motto

"If you really want to do something you make time, if you don't, you make excuses"

And how true is this!?

I'm on my fitness kick. Getting my body back. My tummy is finally flat again (Happy dance!) The weight is falling off and I feel GREAT! Strong, and fit, and WONDERFUL!!

I still have a little ways until I'm completely satisfied, but I remind myself Maya is only 3 months old!

I'm getting there! Go mommy go!