Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is anyone else over winter?

Because I AM! Geez! It has snowed at least once a week since Christmas. I'm so so sick of seeing SNOW and ice. And not only that, it's been FREEZING.. Well. Below freezing. WAY below freezing. This week one morning when I took Nadia to school it was TWELVE BELOW ZERO!!! WTH!? We're in NJ, not Antarctica. Unfavorable I tell you! Unfavorable! Who can I write to and complain? Oh Spring. Please hurry. I desperately need some sunshine and warm weather!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't you think it's time he weaned?

I've been hearing this more than ever lately! Sami turns 3 in April and yes, I still breastfeed him!! So many people think it is their right to tell me I should be stopping. I love how these same people think breastfeeding is such a "private" thing that it should be hidden away and locked up behind bathroom doors. *rolls eyes* Yet, these same people think it's fine to interject their opinions on my nursing relationships with my children.

Now, I'd be lying if I told you I never wished he'd wean. He IS almost three, and.. Have you seen the size of my kids head? It's like a grown man nursing! ha ha. okay, not really , but you catch my drift! Three years is a long time to nurse a kid. But there is nothing "wrong" about it.. And when people criticize the fact that he still nurses, it implies there is something wrong with it. And that isn't fair. Most people wouldn't dream of criticizing many mainstream parenting choices. But anything that goes outside of the norm is "weird" or "wrong".. Yet.. If these people took a moment to do some research they'd realize it's just our country that is out of the norm. It's us as a whole who is wrong.

I try not to get defensive when someone tells me I should wean my son... I try to use it as an opportunity to educate. To let people know the benefits of extended breastfeeding. To let them know it's okay. I'm not harming myself or my child. I've built a bond between us that can never be broken. I hope I've done that for all of my children, and will continue to do so with gentle parenting. With making educated choices for them and myself. Not doing something because a doctor tells me I should, but because I researched it and I feel like it's best for them. I am their mother after all... Right? Isn't there truth to the saying "Mother knows best". I think there is. Especially a mother such as myself who has armed herself with as much knowledge as possible from as many resources as possible!

Tandem nursing Mothers and mothers nursing toddlers shouldn't be made to feel they have to hide.... They should be celebrated. Applauded. Because I promise you. Extended nursing and tandem nursing is NOT easy. It has days where it's overwhelming and frustrating. So instead of criticizing us... Give us a pat on the back. Because I can guarantee it would be greatly appreciated! After all... We really are just doing our best!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hoping you all are having a great new year! I will be back for some updates soon. So so busy with the munchkins! I will however, leave you with this awesomely cute picture of Samirah- WHO by the way turns ONE on Saturday (No I cannot believe it!)