Monday, December 3, 2012

Look at me go!!

posting away!!! Having this tablet makes it easier  for me to post since Idon't have to be sitting at the computer to do so... I never get to sit at the computer anymore... Sitting here with Samirah and Maya in Samirah's big and fabulos new room of her own! She has the second biggest bedroom in the house (After my master suite of course) It fits her larger than life personality I say... She's rubbing my ear between her finger and thumb...

Today was endless... Completely endless... Nadia broke my tablet , had to return it and long story short went to five different stores with two of the four kids in tow to get a new one, all in the three hours before ihad to go pick Sami up at the school.. Then a trip to the dry cleaners wtih the three, and another with the four after Igot Nadia off the bus and realized Idropped off the wrong pair of Husam's pants. Nice Right??? Then all four off to karate for Sam.  And Ihad to feed all those people in between all that crap! Ugh. Endless for sure.

Husam's still not home so I'm on bedtime duty all by myself. With him working all this insane over time Iam in essence a single mom... Not financially. But in every single other aspect of life. He's gone when they wake up and home after they are asleep. 7 ... days... a ... week...  I'm not complaining exactly, the money is great, but Imiss him. The kids miss him... Ican't wait for the Disney trip we are planning in March.... I need it, we all do.

So I'm off! Ihave little teeth to brush, stories to read, babies to nurse and beds to tuck ;-) Good night!

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